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NFL Week 3 preview: Is Sam Bradford good now?

In their preview of the best NFL games of, Week 3 Matt Ufford and the crew praise the Texans' pass rush, celebrate the fall of Kirk "Pasta Boy" Cousins, laud the work of coach Gary Kodiak (not a typo) in Denver, and explain how Jeff Fisher is the coaching version of tuberculosis (Minnesota is Sam Bradford's sanitarium).

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Matt Ufford and the Uffsides crew preview the best games of Week 3 in the NFL, including:

Patriots-Texans: The Pats appear set to start rookie Jacoby Brissett at quarterback, with his backup being ... Julian Edelman? Wacky Bill Belichick strikes again as the Texans look to start 3-0 for just the 2nd time in franchise history.

Bengals-Broncos: These teams met in an overtime thriller in Week 16 last year ... but that was a battle of AJ McCarron vs. Brock Osweiler. Though Trevor Siemian may not be a star -- he's no worse than their quarterback situation last year, and that season turned out OK for the Broncos. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Panthers-Vikings: The Vikes are reeling in the wake of Adrian Peterson's torn meniscus, but on the plus side, Sam Bradford miraculously looked like an actual NFL quarterback in beating the Packers in his Vikings debut. His next outing won't get any easier against Luke Kuechly and co.

Giants-Washington: All is right again in the world with Kirk Cousins playing like the Kirk Cousins we all know and love. Let's just hope Washington doesn't deprive us of a matchup beteen BFFs Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr.

Saints-Falcons: Monday Night Football will feature the Falcons playing in New Orleans, where they've dropped 8 of their last 10 games. Expect lots of points and hopefully Drew Brees Wrangler commercials.