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Texans-Patriots isn't the 'Thursday Night Football' turd you're used to

Backup quarterbacks, old coaches with new teams, a Super Bowl favorite as a home underdog ... this isn't your typical 'Thursday Night Football.'

Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: There's a real chance Rob Gronkowski will play when the Patriots host the Texans on Thursday night. The Patriots are one-point underdogs, but they have a good history when the other team is favored at Foxboro. Don't miss this infographic preview from Battle Red Blog for the game.

Jacoby Brisset will start, but if he can't go, then Julian Edelman could be the Patriots’ backup QB, because Bill Belichick is brilliant and weird. Belichick does weirder things than any coach in the NFL. Using Julian Edelman as the team’s backup QB would be the weirdest.

KICK RETURNS ARE UPTeams are trying to exploit the new kickoff rule in a way the NFL didn't intend. A new NFL rule meant to decrease the number of kickoffs that are returned has done just the opposite.

VIKINGS WITHOUT PETERSONAdrian Peterson will likely be out months with torn meniscus. The Vikings will turn to Jerick McKinnon and Matt Asiata to carry their running game now. How much will the Vikings offense change without Adrian Peterson? Don't think just because Peterson is out that defenses will start leaving six or seven players in the box.


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FACTORY OF SADNESS: Corey Coleman suffers broken hand during practice. Just when you think things couldn't get worse for the Browns, they do. Terrelle Pryor is willing to cut off a finger or die on the field to get the Browns a win. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that because the Browns can't really afford any more injuries!

JUSTICE SERVEDRams must provide season tickets or refunds on deposits for St. Louis PSLs, judge rules. A little bit of justice for St. Louis fans.

WHAT YOU SHOULD PANIC ABOUT THIS WEEKNFL panic index, Week 3: Remember when the Packers were good? The Packers are struggling, the Browns have yet another starting QB, the Seahawks can't beat the Rams ... these are things that NFL fans are panicking about this week. We're going to tell you whether it's justified.

MARSHAWN SPEAKSMarshawn Lynch would rather see Colin Kaepernick kneel than "stand up, put his hands up, and get murdered." Lynch was candid about his support for Kaepernick while speaking with Conan O’Brien on Tuesday.

WASHINGTON TROUBLES: Kirk Cousins could be playing his way out of a future in Washington. After two games, Cousins has a long way to go to live up to expectations from 2015.

REMATCHJosh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. are suddenly playing nice after months of trash talk. The two players seem to have a subdued attitude heading into Sunday’s rematch.

RAMS MYSTERYWhy can't the Rams play other teams like they do the Seahawks? The Rams have won three in a row and four of their last five against the Seahawks, but it’s Seattle that winds up in the playoffs every year.