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Things aren't off to a great start for the Browns and Cody Kessler

But go easy on them. It's an impossible situation.

The Cleveland Browns are not off to a great start with their new quarterback, the third starter in three weeks. Cody Kessler's first NFL snap resulted a delay of game penalty. It got worse.

Look at the fumble:

The easy play here is just to laugh, because Browns, and a USC quarterback, lol. But this illustrates what a tough spot Kessler is in here. Not only are the Browns starting a new QB this week, they're also starting a new center. Kessler wouldn't have many snaps with the old center in just a week of practice. Now, both the quarterback AND the center are just getting a feel for each other.

Terrelle Pryor is taking snaps at quarterback, to give you an idea how much the Browns trust Kessler.

Cleveland's kicker was also a late addition to the roster. He missed a field goal in the first quarter.