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The Cardinals got burned by another bad snap on a field goal

This is becoming a thing for Arizona this season.

The Arizona Cardinals have been burned by long snapping problems already this season. A bad snap on a potential game-winning field goal cost them a win against the New England Patriots in the first week of the season.

It was bad enough that the Cardinals were having to settle for a field goal anyway, trailing 23-7. It got worse. Snapper Kameron Canaday sailed the snap high. Holder Drew Butler -- the team's punter who's injured and unable to punt -- can't bring it down.

Aaron Williams is there to pick up the ball and runs it all the way back for a touchdown. The Buffalo Bills then take a 30-7 lead that the Cardinals couldn't dig their way out of.

Bonus points for Butler, though -- look at him hopping on one leg to try and prevent this from turning into a bigger disaster.

Arizona signed Canaday, a rookie, this year as a cost-effective replacement, but as we've learned, this is not a position where you can really afford to skimp unless you're real damn sure about the player you're getting.

Unsurprisingly, the Cardinals decided that it was time for a new snapper. Two days after their 33-18 loss to the Bills, they released Canaday.