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An injured J.J. Watt means he has more time to talk about how hard he's working on social media

He's human after all.

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Bob Levey/Getty Images

J.J. Watt re-injured his back and might miss the rest of the season. To replace Watt, in as much as you can replace a guy like that, the Texans signed Antonio Smith. Watt goes on injured reserve. Watt had back surgery during the offseason, and was at one point questionable for the first couple weeks of the season. It's fair to ask if he rushed himself back before his was ready. At least now he has more time to post about rising and grinding on social media.

PLAYERS OF THE WEEKTrevor Siemian awarded AFC offensive Player of the Week. For his performance against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 3, Siemian was named AFC offensive player of the week. Carson Wentz named NFC Offensive Player of the Week. Not bad for a pair of players in just their third professional starts.

TOO MUCH FOOTBALL? Is Mark Cuban's "hogs get slaughtered" comment about NFL becoming true? Two years ago, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban called the NFL "hogs" heading toward a slaughter, sucking up all the oxygen and TV ratings by pushing more games into prime time and dominating the sports media cycle throughout the year. Now, ratings are in decline and people are wondering if maybe he was right.

NO FUN LEAGUEAntonio Brown says refs threatened to sideline him over custom cleats. Brown was told he'd be sidelined for the second half of Sunday's game if he didn't put on regulation cleats, he said Wednesday.

CARDINALS DUMP THE SNAPPERArizona Cardinals release long snapper Kameron Canaday. After two costly snaps, the Cardinals, who tried to save a few thousand dollars by signing a rookie long snapper, gave him the boot.

THIS IS BADRyan Fitzpatrick's six interceptions weren’t the only problem he had against the Chiefs. Yikes.

AUSTIN INJURED? Is Tavon Austin injured? The Rams' speedster had his arm in a sling in an Instagram post this week.

REX IS BEING FUNNY: Rex Ryan did a Bill Belichick impression. Watch. Belichick was asked about it, and didn't really have much of an opinion. "I'm not really in tune to all that. I'm sure it's important to all you guys." This year might be the saltiest Belichick has ever been. I love it.

BELL BACKThe statistic which proves how important Le'Veon Bell is to Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense. To say getting Bell back is good for this offense is an understatement. Just how valuable is Bell to this Steelers offense?