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Dolphins vs. Bengals 2016 picks and predictions: Experts unanimous in picking Bengals

Surprise: Nobody thinks the Dolphins can beat the Bengals on Thursday.

The Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals both play in tough divisions, but one is expected to struggle while the other is supposed to be competing for the lead. But through three games, both teams are 1-2 and both teams have looked downright awful at times.

For Cincinnati, quarterback Andy Dalton has drawn all the criticism for his playoff struggles in recent years, but the defense has been terrible this season. They have allowed 75 points in three games, while managing just 56 points on offense.

They’re hoping that the return of Vontaze Burfict, who just served a three-game suspension for repeated violations of NFL safety rules, will bolster the defense. Burfict is an excellent linebacker, even if his play is widely criticized (for good reason). If Burfict can play at a high level without dealing out concussions left and right, the Bengals will be in good shape.

If this game were held in Week 1, the Bengals would be massive, overwhelming favorites. They are still favored, but have their struggles swayed any experts into thinking the Dolphins can win on Thursday?

Nope. Over at CBS Sports, the experts are unanimous: all eight think the Bengals will win. Over at ESPN, only five of their nine experts have picked at the time of writing, but all five think Cincinnati will win on Thursday.

Here at SB Nation, there are no surprises either. All nine experts, plus the OddsShark computer, think the Bengals will get the win. Poor Dolphins.

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Thursday’s game is set to begin at 8:25 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on NFL Network only. There will be no Twitter live stream online this week, but it will return in Week 5. A Sunday Ticket subscription is the only way to watch this game live online.