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NFL Week 4 preview: Why are Ben McAdoo's clothes so large?

The Uffsides crew takes a look at Week 4's best games and the factors that will influence them, such as Russell Wilson's knee, the Chiefs' fast food color scheme, Cam Newton's entry into the pick-up artist community, and Alex Smith body pillows.

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Matt Ufford and the Uffsides crew preview the five best games of Week 4 in the NFL, including:

Ravens-Raiders: The Ravens are bad at offense. The Raiders are bad at defense. Why are these teams a combined 5-1?

Falcons-Panthers: The Panthers are licking their wounds a week after letting Cam Newton get sacked eight times and clobbered all game long. But the Vikings defense the Falcons are not -- should mean the Panthers get back on track, especially if Newton follows the fashion advice doled out.

Jets-Seahawks: Russell Wilson is apparently gonna play on a bum ankle and sprained MCL. Meanwhile the Jets just came off a game where Ryan Fitzpatrick tossed picks in each of the Jets' final five (5) drives. Seems sub-optimal.

Steelers-Chiefs: Le'Veon Bell will make his season debut following his three-game suspension -- should probably mean they put up more than the three points they just did in Philly. There are some Alex Smith jokes too.

Vikings-Giants: The Vikings' B-team is somehow still undefeated being held together with duct tape, gorilla glue, and as many non-offensive touchdowns as offensive touchdowns. Also, Ben McAdoo needs some clothes that fit.