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Are the Dolphins EVER going to get better?

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This is why nobody watches "Thursday Night Football."

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals defensive line was very good. Ten hurries, seven knockdowns, and five sacks is a pretty good night. Geno Atkins mauled Dolphins offensive lineman until he sacked his own QB. Bold strategy, Dolphins.

When it doubt, throw it to A.J. Green. The Bengals ended up settling for a lot of field goals, but they couldn't have done that without a huge night for Green.

Are the Dolphins getting better or worse? Injuries forced the linebackers and the offensive line to do quite a bit of shuffling, but Miami's problems go beyond what can be considered a normal load of injuries.

GORDON STEPS AWAYJosh Gordon stepping away from football to enter in-patient rehab. "Under some pressure and stress recently, had to take a time out for myself," is what Gordon said to his followers on Twitter after the Browns made an official announcement.

HALFTIME FOR MONSTERSNFL announces Lady Gaga will headline the Super Bowl LI halftime show. Lady Gaga will be featured in the Super Bowl LI halftime show after singing the national anthem before Super Bowl 50.

PANIC INDEX, WEEK 4: NFL panic index, Week 4: Will we ever see dominant J.J. Watt again? Elsewhere, you — yes YOU — picked off Ryan Fitzpatrick and Carson Palmer. Is it time for Jets and Cardinals fans to freak out?

A THIRD STARTING CORNERSlot cornerback, the new defensive back position. Once the domain of backups, the slot cornerback now plays an essential role in combating spread offenses — and some teams are putting their best defensive back at the position

WATT UNDER THE KNIFEJ.J. Watt had his second back surgery and is expected to miss the rest of the season. Adam Schefter says it’s now official. Texans fans react to confirmation that the best player in the NFL won’t be suiting up again this season.

WHY IS NOBODY WATCHING? Declining NFL ratings aren’t a big deal ... yet. Early season ratings are continuing a downward trend. With games like Thursday's Dolphins-Bengals affair, are you really that surprised?

KICKER LOOPHOLEThe Patriots and Ravens found the flaw in the NFL's new touchback rule. The big legs of Stephen Gostkowski and Justin Tucker are being used to force short kickoff returns, which is the opposite of what the NFL wanted to happen.

FALCONS RUNNING GAMEThe Falcons are leaning heavily on Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman through three games. Atlanta’s no longer the Julio Jones show, and the offense is exploding.

RACE & FOOTBALLThree prominent black NFL players disagree on race, and that’s important. Colin Kaepernick, Richard Sherman, and Cam Newton show why race isn't and shouldn't be a simple discussion.

MUST-LISTEN PODCAST: This week on the podcast, Tyler Tynes joined Stephen White and myself to talk about Cam Newton and race and the NFL. We also talked about just how real the Eagles are, what happens without Watt, Jalen Ramsey's mouth and I learned what Ciroc is.