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Browns vs. Eagles 2016 picks and predictions: Philadelphia favored by experts, but not by much

There are a few believers in the Browns when it comes to Sunday's game against the Eagles.

Carson Wentz will be starting for the Philadelphia Eagles, one of two rookie quarterbacks to do so in Week 1 of the regular season this year. Jared Goff, the only person in the 2016 NFL Draft taken before Wentz, will not be one of those rookies starting.

Wentz has that going for him, and he also has a great opportunity for any draft pick: the chance to humiliate the team that passed him up. And boy did the Browns pass him up, with several reports suggesting they were completely uninterested in Wentz and would only want Goff with the second overall pick.

Goff was destined to go to the Los Angeles Rams, and the Browns were more than happy to trade down for a slew of draft picks offered by the Eagles. Now Wentz will make his first career start against the Browns, who will be starting Robert Griffin III at quarterback.

Griffin had an increasingly awful time with Washington, a team that finally parted ways with him far too late. Griffin hasn't looked good since his rookie season, but that could change with the Browns -- and while throwing to Terrelle Pryor of all players. On Sunday, we'll get to see the pair in meaningful action, though they've hooked up a couple times for big scores in the preseason.

Offensively, the Browns may be competent for the first time in a long time. Defensively, the Eagles are right there with them. It's the big question marks on Cleveland's defense and Philadelphia's offense that are most intriguing, though. This one could go either way, but it's the Browns that likely need a win more with a strong AFC North division to compete in.

Experts aren't unanimous, but they are primarily favoring the Eagles in Sunday's game. Over at CBS Sports, five of their eight experts think the Eagles will topple the Browns, but there were three holdouts. At ESPN, only one of the nine panelists who had picked so far went with the Browns.

Here at SB Nation, you'll find more believers in the Browns:

Game RVB Stephen White Thomas George Jeanna Thomas Adam Stites Tyler Tynes Louis Bien Joel Thorman Fooch OddsShark computer

Five think the Browns will win, while four, plus the OddsShark Computer, are going with the Eagles. Sunday's game between the Eagles and Browns is set for 1 p.m. ET on CBS.