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There's a real, live NFL game that actually means something on TV tonight

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The Panthers and Broncos kick off the 2016 NFL season on Thursday night.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

It's back, football is finally back! The Panthers are in Denver tonight for a Super Bowl 50 rematch. This time the Trevor Siemian-led Broncos are a three-point underdog. That's kind of a big deal because Denver is 25-4 straight up in its last 29 home games. But this is a new season and a new start for both teams, something that's really important, especially for the Panthers who have a legit shot to get back to the Super Bowl this year.

The first game of the new season also means fantasy decisions, so here's some handy advice on who to sit and who to start.

And if you really want to get pumped up for the game, here's a nice little movie trailer to help you.

There's a full slate for Sunday and two more games Monday night. Uffsides has your Week 1 preview needs covered.

THE NFL HAS AN AGE PROBLEMThe average age of players keeps getting younger and younger, and it's threatening the quality of play.

A HOT TAKE ABOUT RUSSELL WILSONIs Russell Wilson overrated? No, but that won't stop an "anonymous scout" from giving his hot take to SI.

SAINTS TAKE CARE OF BREES: Drew Brees agreed to a $44 million contract extension with the Saints. Brees was scheduled to have a cap hit of $30 million for 2016, the largest for any player in the league. It's technically a five-year deal, but it voids after two seasons. It also leaves the Saints with $18 million in dead money after those two years. Once again, not sure who's running the cap for the Saints, but they obviously aren't a math major.

NFL TAKES ANOTHER STAND AGAINST MEDICAL MARIJUANASeantrel Henderson got a four-game suspension for reportedly using marijuana to treat Crohn's disease. Marijuana is a common steroid-free treatment for inflammation caused by Crohn’s. But the NFL would rather have its players taking the steroids.

NO JAMAAL CHARLES THIS WEEK? Andy Reid tells Chargers media he doesn’t think Jamaal Charles will play. Is he hedging or is this legit?

RED HOT PREDICTIONSPredictions for the 2016 NFL season. FiveThirtyEight's 2016 NFL forecast uses an Elo-based model to calculate each team's chances of advancing to the playoffs and winning Super Bowl LI.

TEBOW IS A BASEBALL PLAYER NOWMets sign Tim Tebow, pro baseball player. Tebow’s dream of going pro has already come true, as New York agreed to send him to the minors and instructional league.

MORE THAN MONEYJosh Sitton's release from the Packers was about more than just money. Ah ha!

WATT LIMITEDJ.J. Watt gets his very own pitch count. Just how good is a limited J.J. Watt? We're about to find out.

RAISING STANDARDSThe 9-7 bar is too low for Bill O'Brien and the Texans. Don't tell Jeff Fisher that.

DENVER EXTENDS SANDERSBroncos sign Emmanuel Sanders to a three-year extension. The deal is worth $33 million.