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The NFL flunked the concussion test again

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A great opening night game was spoiled by the NFL's negligence that put one of its best players at risk.

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Broncos beat the Panthers, 21-20, in the Super Bowl matchup we all wish happened in February. It was a close, hard-fought game, and the Broncos came out on top.

Unfortunately, a good football game was overshadowed by some terrible officiating. Officials didn't call a number of head shots on Cam Newton, helmet-to-helmet hits that are illegal. When they finally did call one, it was offset by an intentional grounding penalty.

Worse, Panthers coaches and team doctors and the independent concussion spotter in the booth did nothing to pull Newton out of the game and assess whether or not he might have a concussion, despite him clearly suffering from a head shot in the fourth quarter. Teams that violate the concussion protocol are now subject to fines or even lost draft picks; we'll see if that holds true for the Panthers.

So, yeah, the NFL still puts up a lot window dressing about head injuries, but it's still hard to take anything they say seriously.

The NFL doesn’t protect Cam Newton like other QBs, says Thomas Davis. Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis says he doesn’t think 6-5, 260-pound quarterback Cam Newton is extended the same protection as other NFL quarterbacks because of his size.


Broncos LB Brandon Marshall, Colin Kaepernick's college teammate, took a knee during the national anthem.
Marshall was Colin Kaepernick's college teammate. "I’m not against the military. I’m not against the police or America. I’m just against social injustice." Marshall discussed why he kneeled after the game.

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RECORD BROKENCam Newton breaks NFL record for career rushing touchdowns by a QB. Cam Newton passed Steve Young in the record books on Thursday.

NEW RULES, NO FUN: Panthers lineman was one penalty away from being ejected because he jumped a bunch after a TD. Players will be ejected after two unsportsmanlike penalties in 2016.

GOLDEN AGE OF FULLBACKSA fullback scored the first rushing touchdown of the NFL season, AGAIN. We’re living in the golden age of the fullback.

CAM FLOSSED: Cam Newton proves he is the MVP of dental hygiene by flossing on the sideline. That's excellent dental care.

ICING THE KICKER ACTUALLY WORKED: The Broncos opened the season 1-0 when icing the kicker actually worked. It may not work often, but it did for Denver.

SIEMIAN WAS FINETrevor Siemian's "body of work" now includes comeback win. Trevor Siemian's first career NFL start in a game that counted wasn't pristine, but he helped author a win to reward the Broncos' faith in him.

GROUND GAMEC.J. Anderson and the Broncos offensive line shines in win over Carolina. The biggest question prior to Thursday’s game was the Broncos offensive line. The question now is how good can this rushing attack be?

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