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Vince Wilfork says Tom Brady 'can stick with avocados' but he's a 'meat man'

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A man who absolutely looks like he hates vegetables, hates vegetables.

NFL: Houston Texans at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Wilfork and Tom Brady may both play football the “Patriot way,” but their dietary discretion couldn’t be more different. Brady won’t drink coffee and occasionally splurges on such exotic desserts as avocado ice cream. Wilfork, all 325 pounds of him, avoids anything green.

“I don’t eat avocado. I’m a meat man; I’m a protein guy,” he told CBS’s Dan Roche. “[Tom Brady] can stick with avocados and all that green stuff. I’m not a rabbit.”

Wilfork’s love of meat and protein has never been a secret.

I can't deal with this dude today @wilfork75 he thinks he's jammin

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Wilfork spent Memorial Day 2014 smoking ribs while balling out to some Lil Troy. After signing with the Texans in 2015, he bought his own custom barbecue trailer to expand his meat-smoking empire. His proficiency with charcoal even earned him a feature spread with Houstonia Magazine.

So it’s not surprising a 325-pound defensive tackle has a different dietary regimen than the health nut QB who once released a $200 cookbook. If Brady invites Wilfork over for dinner this offseason, big Vince would be wise to avoid his old quarterback’s freezer.

I turn my back for one second and Fluffy's in the freezer... At least she didn't get into the avocado ice cream! #chillydog

Posted by Tom Brady on Tuesday, June 21, 2016