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NFL weather forecast, Divisional playoffs 2017: Ice storm warnings continue for Kansas City

NFL Divisional Playoffs 2017 Sunday
Brian Neudorff

Ice storm warnings continue through the day Sunday into Sunday evening for the Kansas City metro area. While the NFL moved the Divisional playoff game between Kansas City and Pittsburgh in hopes to have better weather, there still is a possibility that freezing rain will continue into the start of Sunday night’s game.

Ice Storm Summary Kansas City, MO
NWS Kansas City, MO

Temperatures could be above freezing by the afternoon leading up to the game, but they will be too close to be certain. It is possible that freezing rain will make travel conditions to and from the stadium hazardous for fans going to the game. Confidence is low on how warm or cold temperatures will be by game time. Right now, they are predicted be at or slightly above freezing.

When will ice turn to rain around Kansas City?
NWS Kansas City, MO

The other game Sunday between Dallas and Green Bay could be played with the roof closed as there are storms in the forecast for the afternoon in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

All Times Eastern:


Packers at Cowboys- 4:40 p.m., ET FOX
FORECAST: Thunderstorms
Winds: SE 10-15 mph
Kickoff – 64
Halftime - 64
Second Half – 64

Steelers at Chiefs -8:20 p.m., ET NBC
FORECAST: Possible rain or freezing rain and cloudy
Winds: East 5-10 mph
Kickoff – 33
Halftime - 33
Second Half – 33