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Julio Jones leaps and hangs on to an exceptional catch to set NFL playoff history

No Packer has an answer for Jones’ masterful play downfield.

Jerry Rice never did what Julio Jones did Sunday. Neither did Cris Carter, Randy Moss, Isaac Bruce, or Marvin Harrison.

Jones’ 23-yard reception in the third quarter of Sunday’s NFC Championship against the Packers made him the first receiver in NFL history to have multiple playoff games with 150-plus receiving yards and at least two touchdowns. Even better, he set the record with some serious style.

His clutch third quarter catch was just another example of his dominance against a depleted Green Bay secondary. He showcased tremendous balance and awareness to tip-toe his way to his first touchdown of the day.

One quarter later, he looked like a man among boys, shoving off a LaDarius Gunter hold and then stiff-arming his way to the end zone for a 73-yard scoring play.

Jones has been a beast against the Packers, catching eight passes for 167 yards through the game’s first 40 minutes. He’ll have the chance to add to his record-setting performance as his Falcons careen towards a presumptive date with the AFC champions in Super Bowl LI.