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How to talk to your children about Deflategate

Two more weeks to talk about the "scandal" you thought was over after 544 days.

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Patriots fans chant "Where is Roger" during the AFC Championship vs. Steelers. They want to know! This all goes back to the NFL controversy you thought you'd never have to deal with again, but guess what, TWO MORE WEEKS OF DEFLATEGATE!

You should brush up on the whole affair because everyone's going to be talking about it, from those friends who don't really follow football to the children who will want to know what valuable life lessons can be learned from Deflategate.

The answer: get a good lawyer, and if that doesn't work, an even better marketing rep. But you might also tell them too that working for an orange robot born with a silver spoon in his mouth that rattles off talking points like a machine and is willing to suspend model employees just to prove a point is something to watch out for as they grow up and enter the work place.

Of course, you remember the whole affair, which lasted 544 days before finally coming to an end this year. Brady was ultimately suspended for four games (the Patriots went 3-1 during that stretch) after months years of legal wrangling. But don't worry, he cashed in on it and the Patriots are in the Super Bowl anyway. He might even win the MVP award, though some bitter ex-employees don't think he should.

Brady said Monday that he might share his thoughts on Roger Goodell if the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year.

Wilson Football reminded everybody about Deflategate. It’ll never go away.

Robert Kraft tried to shake Jim Nantz's and made a veiled Deflategate comment. It's on.


Atlanta Falcons will be the home team in Super Bowl LI vs. Patriots. The Falcons will have "home-field" advantage in Houston on Feb. 5.

A Patriots vs. Falcons Super Bowl makes it easy for fans to decide who to root for. The Patriots: A divisive force.

What makes Julio Jones so unstoppable? It’s rare to find a player Jones’ size with this unusual skill set.

A young Falcons defense reaches new heights against the Packers. After showing promise against below average and inconsistent offenses, the Falcons’ defense validated their improvement against an all-time great quarterback.

The Falcons haven’t been to a Super Bowl in nearly 20 years, but their head coach has. Fact: Dan Quinn’s astrological sign doesn’t exist


Super Bowl 51 should be fun, even if the 2017 NFL playoffs haven't been very good. The NFL finally gave us a game worth looking forward too.


Patriots open as 3-point favorites over Falcons. The opening line is set for Super Bowl 51, between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

Gamblers don’t trust the Patriots defense against the Falcons. Las Vegas is treating the Patriots defense with the same respect as they gave the Green Bay Packers defense. Maybe it's because the Super Bowl pits the No. 1 scoring offense against No. 1 scoring defense in the NFL.


Prices soar above $3,500 for upper-level seats. Tickets selling for thousands of dollars, over-the-top VIP packages and a resale market that’s beginning to bubble — it must be the Super Bowl.


It's Senior Bowl week, which is a pretty great time to get to know some of this year's top draft prospects, as well as some sleepers.

Looking for the next Dak Prescott at the 2017 Senior Bowl. None of the top QB prospects are in Mobile this week, which means some of the less heralded guys have a chance to stand out.

NFL mock draft 2017: 2 new QBs for 2 new head coaches. North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky could be the first quarterback domino to fall in the top 10 of the draft.

Deshaun Watson likes what Kyle Shanahan is doing with the Atlanta Falcons offense. The former Falcons ball boy seems to be enjoying this.


The big problem for potential GMs with the Colts: Chuck Pagano’s status. Many view the Colts’ general manager job as an appealing one because of Andrew Luck, but the head coach makes it less attractive.

Roger Goodell once saved Boston from losing Patriots, could offer hope for Oakland to keep Raiders. A recent account of what Roger Goodell did to keep the Patriots in Boston shows possibilities for Oakland to keep the Raiders.