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Aaron Rodgers threw a perfect Hail Mary to end the 1st half of Packers vs. Giants

No one throws a better bomb as time expires than the Green Bay passer.

Aaron Rodgers, a two-time NFL MVP, is good at a lot of things. The most exciting one? His uncanny ability to connect on Hail Mary passes as time expires.

Rodgers shocked the Giants on Sunday, launching a 42-yard pass through the stratosphere and into Randall Cobb’s arms in the back of the end zone to end the first half. The touchdown gave the Packers a 14-6 lead in a game where they had -8 total yards through the first 20 minutes of play.

Somehow, that bomb may not have been Rodgers’ best touchdown of the day. His first strike came after eluding pass rushers in the pocket for 8.6 seconds before hitting Davante Adams in the corner of the end zone.

Rodgers has become a Hail Mary legend in recent years. Last year, his 61-yard launch saved the Packers’ season.

It was a familiar sight for the Cardinals, too.

Rodgers sent a Divisional playoff game against the Cardinals to overtime later that season with a 41-yard toss.