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NFL scores and more, Wild Card Weekend: What happened Sunday

The Packers throttled the Giants, the Steelers rolled over the Dolphins, but mostly we're talking about boats.

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The Steelers cruised past the Dolphins for a 30-12 win. The Steelers buried the Dolphins early and never let them climb out.

Miami couldn't stop the Killer Bs. Le’Veon Bell powered his team with a huge game in his playoff debut. Bell broke Franco Harris’ 42-year Steelers record in his 1st playoff game. No Pittsburgh player has ever rushed for more yards in a postseason game then Bell.

Antonio Brown torched Dolphins so badly he had time to taunt on the way to end zone. He had 119 receiving yards in just about eight minutes of play. Watch him patiently set up perfect blocking to spring himself for the Steelers' first touchdown.

Matt Moore leveled by brutal helmet-to-helmet hit that almost started fight. He somehow came back after one play.

But it wasn't all roses for the Steelers after that game. Ben Roethlisberger was wearing a walking boot on his right ankle after Steelers win. He hurt his ankle on a meaningless play on the last drive of the game. Why was he still in there to begin with? Steelers coach Joey Porter was detained after altercation with police officer after the game. The incident happened at a bar after the game.


Green Bay had an offensive explosion in the second half to beat New York, 38-13. The Packers advance to the Divisional Round and will face the Dallas Cowboys.

But let's talk about Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers was brilliant in Giants vs. Packers, just as he always is and always will be. He's better at throwing Hail Marys than almost every other quarterback is at throwing normal passes. And you doubted him?

At one point, he evaded Giants defenders for over right seconds to throw a perfect TD to Davante Adams. Rodgers just kept making plays like this to bury the Giants. He threw a perfect Hail Mary to end the first half. No one throws a better bomb as time expires than the Green Bay passer. He's thrown three Hail Mary touchdowns. We ranked them all.

Landon Collins was impressed by Rodgers' Hail Mary. He explained what happened from a defensive perspective after the game.

Rodgers and Eli Manning threw nearly identical Hail Marys five years apart. The same play happened five years ago — the teams were just reversed.

Jordy Nelson knocked out of Giants-Packers playoff game after big sideline hit. Nelson will not return after eating a massive hit from Leon Hall.

What happened to the Giants? Was it that boat trip? No, but that won't stop people from talking about it.

Giants receivers kept dropping passes. The Giants offense wasn't all that great. And guess what a lot of people latched onto as a reason for it ... that boat trip they took last Monday! However, Trey Songz defended the Giants’ boat trip while throwing the defense under the bus. Not a boat, a yacht.

The Giants’ 25-point loss to Packers was predicted by Twitter user John X. That’s bold!

Odell Beckham Jr. supposedly punched a hole in a wall after Giants’ loss to the Packers. It’s not the first time Beckham has been emotional and angry following a loss.

Self-inflicted wounds were a big problem for the Giants. It wasn't just dropped passes. There were defensive miscues and a number of other little mistakes that you just can't make against Aaron Rodgers.

Beckham Jr. said there’s 'no connection' between his 3-drop game and the Giants' boat photo. He's right. Beckham dropped several passes on Sunday, leading some to draw ridiculous conclusions.

Boat or not, the NYC tabloids did not disappoint with their headlines.


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Patriots open as HUGE favorites over Texans in Divisional round. Las Vegas isn’t giving the Texans a chance next week.

Cowboys and Packers set up for a rematch of that game from two years ago. The 2014 Divisional Game between the Cowboys and Packers was epic, but now fans will get a chance to see a rematch.

Chiefs set to host the Steelers. All eyes will be on the Chiefs defense. No coincidence that the Chiefs will try to extend Andy Reid. Obviously.