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Antonio Brown flipped a cooler and screamed at coaches after not getting thrown to

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Brown was wide open on third down but didn’t get the ball. He made his displeasure known.

On third-and-4 early in the second quarter, Antonio Brown carved up the Ravens’ secondary and found himself all alone in the middle of the field, just one Ben Roethlisberger pass from a 64-yard touchdown.

He didn’t get the ball, and a Gatorade cooler on the sideline felt his wrath as a result.

The All-Pro wide receiver flipped a cooler and screamed at his coaches, making his frustration known after the Steelers were forced to punt the ball away. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley also felt the heat.

The Steelers responded to his outburst. The team’s first offensive play after that punt was a deep ball to Brown, though it was overthrown. Through 20 minutes, Brown has been targeted four times and has made three receptions for 26 yards.