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Packers fans got extremely friendly with Aaron Jones on this Lambeau leap

Jones got a little too much fan love after his 46-yard touchdown run.

Aaron Jones is doing his best to take the pressure off first-time starting quarterback Brett Hundley. The Packers fans at Lambeau Field appreciate that — maybe a little too much.

Jones scored a 46-yard rushing touchdown to give Green Bay an early 7-0 lead over the Saints and then took to the stands for the famous Lambeau Leap. Once he got there, he found some, uh, extremely friendly fans.

In between the hugs and pats on the chest and shoulders is one awkward crotch rub, one hell of a “thank you” for getting the Pack on the board. The encouragement seems to have had a positive effect. Through 1 1/2 quarters, Jones is on pace to have the best game of his budding professional career. He’s got 97 rushing yards on 10 carries so far.

What this means for the Packers: Hundley only threw two passes in the first quarter, so an explosive running game is a priority Sunday. Jones deserves all the kudos he can get for a solid performance — although getting his swimsuit area rubbed like a magic lamp is probably a bit more than he’d hoped for.