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The Cowboys’ last ditch, lateral-filled final play was gloriously stupid

Dallas pushed its way into Green Bay territory, and then things got stupid.

Aaron Rodgers was extremely Aaron Rodgers on Sunday, taking his Packers on a 75-yard, 62-second touchdown drive to give Green Bay a 35-31 lead over the Cowboys with just 11 seconds left on the clock.

That doesn’t mean the Cowboys made those final 11 seconds boring, however.

Dak Prescott narrowly missed on a deep ball to an open Cole Beasley, leaving his team with five seconds to go 75 yards for a game-winning touchdown. That meant it was time for some trickery — and approximately a dozen laterals.

Ezekiel Elliott’s turn with the ball was enough to push into Green Bay territory and push concern into the hearts of Packer fans everywhere, but the play devolved into performance art from there. Myriad Dallas players, from wideouts to offensive linemen got a touch as the world’s sloppiest game of rugby unwound at AT&T Stadium. At one point, the ball bounced into the hands of Packer linebacker Nick Perry ... who just stood there as the referees stared at him as if to say, “Well, what’re you gonna do?”

A rogue Cowboy swatted the ball from his hands, restarting the scrum, but it was all for naught. Two laterals later, Quentin Rollins pounced on the ball and took a knee, putting an end to Green Bay’s dramatic road comeback.

What this means for the Packers: At 4-1, Green Bay takes over first place in the NFC North and sent a message that Aaron Rodgers remains one of the league’s most dangerous quarterbacks in the game’s final two minutes. Nick Perry, however, could use a rules refresher.

What this means for the Cowboys: Whoever designs the team’s last-ditch, Hail Mary plays either deserves a raise or a demotion.