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Brett Hundley burned a timeout for no reason against the Bears

Instead of letting the quarter end, Hundley took a timeout because, uh...

With the clock winding down on the first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Bears, Packers quarterback Brett Hundley stepped up to the line on fourth-and-1 in an attempt to draw Chicago offside. When his efforts went for naught, he stepped back from behind center to call timeout and bring out the Green Bay punting unit.

It was a complete waste.

Hundley signaled to the sideline with nine seconds left on the play clock and five seconds left in the first quarter. With both clocks ticking, he could have just walked off the field and allowed his Packers to reset at the mandated quarter break. Instead, he burned a timeout and ensured Chicago, who failed to fall for the most obvious hard-count bluff in the world, would get the ball back as the quarter came to an end.