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Blake Bortles just threw a pass behind his own head

It was to avoid a sack, and it wasn’t much worse than his normal passes.

Blake Bortles is having a quietly efficient day for the Jaguars, completing 60 percent of his passes and throwing for a touchdown as Jacksonville took an early lead over the winless Browns.

Oh, and at one point he threw the ball behind his own head to avoid taking a sack.

Bortles, in the grasp of one defender and staring down a massive wallop from Emmanuel Ogbah, did the best he could to avoid a significant loss. That meant lofting the ball in the general direction of Leonard Fournette and hoping for the best. Fortunately for Jacksonville, the ball fell harmlessly to the turf without an interception or intentional grounding call to mar the quarterback’s impulsive ingenuity.

What this means for the Jaguars: Nothing. Bortles toss-away on first-and-10 kept the team inside field-goal range as the clock wound down on the first half in Cleveland, but Jacksonville couldn’t capitalize. The Jags drove all the way to the Browns 22, then lost yards on a holding penalty, and they finally missed a 41-yard field goal to justify the decisions of every football fan in northeast Ohio who decided to stay home Sunday.