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Rams turned 3rd-and-33 into a TD against the Giants' totally uninterested defense

Los Angeles just wanted to gain a few yards. Things went well.

The Rams were just trying to get a few yards back — and maybe get to field goal range -- when they faced third-and-33 against the Giants. Instead, they got a touchdown.

Robert Woods took a receiver screen 52 yards to turn a desperate situation into a scoring opportunity. His mad dash upfield, sprung by a litany of gorgeous blocks, gave Los Angeles a 17-7 lead in New Jersey.

Offensive pass interference and a chop-block penalty had marched the Rams from the Giants 29 back to their own 47. Todd Gurley picked up 1 yard on second down, setting the stage for Woods to get the rest. The 2017 free agent pickup was hardly touched as he cut back to the opposite side of the field and left anything in a blue jersey in his dust.

It was the first time any NFL team had converted a third-and-30-plus situation in 28 years.

What this means for the Rams: Los Angeles was locked in a battle with 1-6 New York early on, but Woods’ ability to turn a grim situation into seven points gave the Rams some breathing room with a 10-point lead. If the Rams can dispatch the Giants, they’ll retain their share of the NFC West lead.

What this means for Robert Woods: Woods has been a valuable offseason addition. The former Bill currently leads the team in receiving yards and has been a steady presence for emerging quarterback Jared Goff. Sunday’s score was his first receiving touchdown of the season.