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Patriots' Johnson Bademosi took an Oscar-worthy dive after a Jets spike to the chin

Robby Anderson nearly killed the New England cornerback (not really)

Robby Anderson wasn’t happy when his third-quarter grab carried him out of bounds and turned a would-be completion into a third-and-long for the Jets. He took his frustrations out on the ball — and Patriots backup cornerback Johnson Bademosi, who was just minding his own business on the sideline.

Anderson’s frustration spike caromed off the ground and blasted Bademosi in the chin, The New England special teamer flinched ... and then after determining he might be able to catch the eye of the officials, flopped to the ground as though he’d just been rocked by a Mike Tyson right cross. The impact, or more specifically Bademosi’s reaction, was even enough to make the corner’s sideline jacket fly off.

No penalty was called on Anderson’s outburst, but CBS announcers Jim Nantz and Tony Romo seemed to delight in the unlikely play.

“Down goes Frazier,” Romo quipped.

“And he’s out,” followed Nantz. “You get hit by a rock to the chin. It couldn’t feel great. Was it acting?”

What this means for the Patriots: Fortunately, Bademosi, a key special-teams contributor and the team’s No. 5 corner, appears to be OK. New England has a commanding lead in the second half, and a win means the AFC road to the Super Bowl runs through Foxborough.

What this means for the Jets: For once on Sunday, a call didn’t go against the Jets. New York had gifted the Patriots four free first downs via penalty in the first half of this game alone.