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The field in Houston for Super Bowl LI looks absolutely fantastic

NRG Stadium’s got a new look.

A process that started at least 11 days prior has come to a conclusion just in time. The field is painted for Super Bowl LI.

This is a marked improvement from last year when the grounds crew in Santa Clara painted the Broncos logo in the wrong end zone before rectifying the mistake. The logos are in the right place, and we’re ready to go.

NRG Stadium has artificial turf, and for this game, the NFL had the end zones replaced as well as the area around the midfield, according to The Associated Press. The artificial turf does create some unique challenges, however.

"It's got an in-field system in it which is sand and rubber," NFL field director Ed Mangan said.

"Making sure that those two are coordinated in the proper amounts, the proper softness, working with concussion statistics and getting the field ... to sound at the right numbers. Low numbers obviously, so that if you fall on it and hit your head things rebound.

"Those are the perfect numbers that we're looking for. Making sure the seams are right, no trip hazards and of course making sure the artwork looks good."

Seems like those have been overcome, and the field looks ready to go.