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Super Bowl 2017 drew the lowest TV ratings in 3 years

Despite Tom Terrific’s heroics, Super Bowl LI had the lowest ratings of the last two Super Bowls.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Despite quarterback Tom Brady orchestrating a comeback win in overtime against the Atlanta Falcons, Super Bowl LI had a lower television rating than the previous two Super Bowls.

Super Bowl 51 drew a 48.8 overnight rating, which is lower than the last two games, according to Super Bowl 50, where the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers, had a 49.0 rating.

The Patriots broke many records this season, but they couldn't break their own record of drawing in the highest Super Bowl ratings since their last Super Bowl victory in 2015.

Super Bowl 49, the game where Brady won his fourth Super Bowl ring against the Seattle Seahawks, had an overnight rating of 49.7, which is a record for overnight ratings.

As far as ratings go, overnights aren’t a final number. Overnight ratings measure 56 national television markets, representing more than two-thirds of the country’s potential audience, and give networks an early indication of what the final ratings will be. The complete numbers should be available later on Monday.