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13 things from the 2017 NFL owners meeting you might have missed

Tony Romo at CBS? Geno Smith a QB of the future? And what’s up with those Richard Sherman trade rumors?

The 2017 NFL Annual Meeting united owners, head coaches, and a gaggle of media members eager to fill the ovoid hole in Americans’ collective hearts this week. While some of the league’s new ventures generated 32-point headlines — farewell, Oakland, hello Las Vegas — many more slipped under the radar as team executives plowed through a litany of interviews and reporter requests.

Relocation and a handful of rules aimed at making the game safer weren’t the only notable pieces to come out of Phoenix. Nearly every team tipped their hands as to what the upcoming season holds, whether it’s cutting veterans, adding free agents, or potential players they’ll target through the draft.

We sifted through those unscripted comments and off-the-cuff remarks to break down some of the most interesting tidbits that fans may have overlooked.

1. Tony Romo’s next gig?

Tony Romo has said he wants to keep playing, but that hasn’t stopped different networks from courting the soon-to-be 37-year-old:

2. Dan Quinn is not one of you, Atlantans


3. Pete Carroll would like to talk about some conspiracies on his mind

Head coach Pete Carroll used his breakfast time to address a pair of big rumors swirling around his organization.

Minutes later, he tried to squash any idea of Richard Sherman trade, but may have inadvertently given that news new life.

4. Bengals will only trade AJ McCarron for the right price

Backup quarterback AJ McCarron is available via trade, but Marvis Lewis isn’t sure he wants to make a move with a divisional rival.

“AJ McCarron is a valuable member of our football team,” Lewis said. “No one has asked to trade him. We’re not going to go out and seek a trade for AJ McCarron. He’s a valuable member of the team. We’ve said that how many times?

“Regardless of what team it is. Regardless of what division it is,” Lewis said in regard to doing business with Cleveland. “Normally the saying, if the price is right people do whatever you need them to do. So I think anything is possible until it’s not.”

5. Doug Pederson doesn’t know where Carson Wentz is

The Eagles head coach is very literal.

6. Broncos or Saints might take chance on Joe Mixon, but Patriots won’t

The Broncos need a running back after burning through a Devontae Booker, Kapri Bibbs, Justin Forsett, C.J. Anderson platoon last fall. That could mean they’re willing to gamble on Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon, despite his off-field trouble. They’re not the only ones.

Several teams are interested in adding the talented Sooner, but the New England Patriots are not one of them.

7. Marty B appreciates Mike McCarthy’s creative mind

Why did Martellus Bennett sign with the Packers? Green Bay’s head coach thinks the two are kindred souls.

“I was really impressed with his personality,” McCarthy told Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “Frankly, I may not look like it, (but) I kind of classify myself as a creative person. I’m married to an artist, and all my children are very creative. So I live in that type. That’s a reflection of my household with my wife Jessica and I.

“So sitting down and talking to Marty and his interests, and some of the things he does, he’s an extremely creative individual. When I meet people, I’m always curious on their view in life, how they look at things and how they process things. I enjoyed his view on life, the things he wants to accomplish.”

8. Rams are trying to erase the sins of Jeff Fisher

Sean McVay’s first offseason as a head coach has introduced him to TMZ (which published a story about the house he bought) and made sure to avoid one of his predecessor’s most avoidable mistakes by linking up with one of the franchise’s living legends.

9. Giants could be eyeing Geno Smith to take over for Eli one day

The Geno Smith era could be the next step after Eli Manning decides to call it quits.

“[Smith] has a compact throwing motion, you like his profile, he has a quick release, gets it out of his hand, a ton of arm strength, he’s mobile so it will be interesting,” Giants coach Ben McAdoo said.

Though it comes with a lot of caveats:

“We’re a long way to go from there,” McAdoo said. “I think he’s right in the mix of one of the better players available this year.”

10. Big Ben not going anywhere, as we all know

No surprise here — even Steelers’ management expects Ben Roethlisberger to come back for the 2017 season.

11. Bengals publicly support Adam Jones after latest incident

After Jones’ felony charge was dropped, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and owner Mike Brown have both come to the veteran cornerback’s defense.

“His case continues to move forward. It will be whatever it is,” Lewis said.

“I’m going to give him a chance,” said Brown. “I hope it comes out right for him, for his family and for us. I know there are critics. I understand. But that is a full answer. And that’s what I have to say about it."

Jones quickly responded to the decision made by his team’s owner and coach with gratitude.

12. Cardinals’ offense is due for an upgrade

The Cardinals have plenty of questions to answer about their offense after a 7-8-1 slump in 2016. Their plan? More touches for David Johnson, a change in position for Andre Ellington, and maybe even a new quarterback.

13. Panthers could target an impact running back in the first round

The Panthers have the eighth pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Could Leonard Fournette be the offensive spark the franchise needs to return to the playoffs?

There were also rumors the Panthers were interested in trading up with the 49ers for the No. 2 pick, though if Fournette is who they’re targeting, he’ll still probably be there at No. 8.