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NFL Combine 2017: Rich Eisen couldn’t beat his record time in the 40-yard dash

Never stop trying, Rich.

Rich Eisen ran his yearly 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, posting a 6.02 time. He jokingly entered the starting line with a fake of Tom Brady’s stolen jersey from the Super Bowl.

NFL Network dialed up Eisen’s run next to John Ross’ record 4.22 time from this year, with Eisen having a 7-yard head start. Of course, Ross was still better:

One of the NFL’s finest spring traditions is the combine’s “Run Rich Run,” in which a 47-year-old reporter takes to the turf to leg out 40 of the most labored yards you’ll ever see. Rich Eisen has been taking part in the NFL Draft Combine’s most famous event since 2005, when he clocked in at a glacial 6.94 seconds. Since then, he’s been working to trim his times down to late-era Vince Wilfork-ian speed.

But Eisen doesn’t just hit the field for his own benefit. His run helps raise money and awareness for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The NFL Network will donate $1 for every tweet that includes both #RunRichRun and #StJude, up to $25,000.

Here’s the full slate of Eisen 40s, a list so riddled with 6s it looks like a Torvill and Dean scorecard.

Rich Eisen’s 40 times

Year 40-yard dash time
Year 40-yard dash time
2005 6.77 seconds
2006 6.22 seconds
2007 6.43 seconds
2008 6.34 seconds
2009 6.34 seconds
2010 6.21 seconds
2011 6.18 seconds
2012 6.03 seconds
2013 6.03 seconds
2014 5.98 seconds
2015 6.10 seconds
2016 5.94 seconds
2017 6.02 seconds

Eisen came up short of his personal record of 5.94 seconds, set last year. For reference the fastest recorded combine dash time was John Ross’ 4.22 seconds this year, breaking Chris Johnson’s 4.24 seconds back in 2008.