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Ben Boulware's reaction to getting free Lunchables was priceless

It’s the simpler things in life.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images, Hector Diaz

Sometimes, there are foods that take you right back to elementary school. For me, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this, that food is Lunchables. Unlike former Clemson Tigers linebacker, and undrafted free agent Ben Boulware, who has signed with the Carolina Panthers, I grew out of them as I got older. In an article Boulware wrote for Sports Illustrated, he addressed his affinity for Lunchables, and even hinted a deal with the snack company wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

Lunchables. It’s so childish, but they’re so good. I still eat them. When we met with my agents the first time, we told them “This may sound stupid, but we want our first marketing deal to be for Lunchables.” My favorite Lunchable is Pizza. I like the crackers, but I’m definitely a pizza guy. I’m dead-ass serious.

Earlier this week, Lunchables finally responded to his request by sending him a ton of products. Needless to say Boulware was pretty pumped that he was able to stock up on his favorite snack food.

“I’m hoping for at least a box or so," Boulware said via ESPN. “If they send more, I might have to buy a new refrigerator."

But Boulware got much more than just one box of Lunchables. The company sent him an entire cooler of his favorite ones. Needless to say, the linebacker was overjoyed.

“The Lord is good y’all” pretty much sums up his excitement perfectly.

Boulware doesn’t have any plans to upscale his diet, when asked whether or not he’d upgrade to a nice dinner, like one at Ruth’s Chris.

“I might work toward that, but I’m going to stay to my roots for now," Boulware said via ESPN. “I’ve been eating Lunchables for a long time. And I don’t have Ruth's Chris money right now. All I’ve got is Lunchables money."

Shoutout to the company for hooking Boulware up.