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Green Bay fan takes wife’s last name so he can be a Packer, too

A true cheesehead.

Imagine loving a football team so much you change your name to match it. That’s kind of what Ryan Holtan-Murphy did when he married Marie Packer, by taking her last name.

Ryan Holtan-Murphy and Marie Packer

The two got married June 17 in Chicago. The wedding’s theme was, of course, Packers. Holtan-Murphy even wore a suit patterned with the GB logo for the reception, plus he put together most of the Packer-themed decorations.

Holtan-Murphy is a diehard Green Bay fan, who grew up in Wisconsin and met his now-wife in Madison. According to ABC, Holtan-Murphy didn’t believe Packer about her name when they first met in a karaoke bar, and made her show him two forms of ID and a credit card as proof.

Packer said she planned to keep her last name anyway, as she is a doctor. She told ABC when the two got engaged, “...I love that he wants to take it. ‘The Packer Family’ has a nice ring to it.”

Holtan-Murphy proposed to Packer while wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey, of course. The couple was at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and Holtan-Murphy had a baby beluga whale swim up to Packer holding the ring while they were in a water tank.

Ryan Holton-Murphy and Marie Packer

Props to him for what must be some incredible planning skills! First, this crazy proposal, then he planned out most of the wedding decorations? Amazing.

Congratulations to the Packer family!