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The video board at the Atlanta Falcons' new stadium is halo-shaped

And it is dope.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta is continuing on with its construction to become the new home of the Atlanta Falcons, as well as the host to a variety of other sporting and concert events. On Friday, the Atlanta Falcons posted a video of the stadium’s “halo board,” the cylindrical video board that surrounds the top of the dome. This thing is something, folks.

There are a number of high-profile events scheduled already for the new stadium. It will host what looks like one of college football’s biggest season-openers in history in Alabama vs. Florida State, as well as this year’s College Football Playoff National Championship. It will also be home to the Super Bowl in 2019, and the NCAA Final Four in 2020.

Construction for the Falcons’ new digs is coming along nicely, and the it’s expected to open at the end of August. There have been three separate opening date push-backs due to issues with construction of the retractable roof. Earlier this month, the roof was closed for the first time since April. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the majority of construction on the roof was completed with it open.

Mike Egan, AMB Group senior vice president said closing the roof at this point would be a slow, meticulous process — with workers closing the petals a bit, taking measurements to check alignment, fine-tuning, closing them a bit more, taking more measurements, on and on until the move was completed.

“Right now, each petal has its own remote control, so when you’re closing the roof now, each petal is being operated on its own,” Egan said. “By the time we get to the opening of the building, there will be, in effect, one button in a control room that will operate all eight of the petals.”

The first event inside the stadium is Aug. 26, for a Falcons’ exhibition game. This halo board should be pretty sweet to see in person.