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What was John Fassel thinking when the Rams coaches found out Jeff Fisher was fired?

We have a theory based on Fassel’s reaction.

Jeff Fisher is still fired. Not even Congress can take that away from us. This weekend we get to relive the moment the Rams FINALLY fired him after five seasons of 7-9 bullshit — it’s really the only compelling moment of their season — thanks to the premiere of All or Nothing on Amazon and NFL Films.

They dropped a little teaser video this week, capturing the moment Fisher told his coaching staff. Most of them react the way you expect — some shock and a little disbelief, mostly of the quiet sort. Mike Singletary, never one to pass up a needlessly dramatic gesture, got up to shake his hand.

Special teams coach John Fassel’s animated reaction is what caught my eye. What exactly was going through his head? I’m not sure, but I took a stab at what I thought might be on his mind at that moment, right before he took over as interim head coach:

After all, a steady record hovering around .500 kept Fisher employed in the NFL for more than two decades. It’s only three more games.

There’s gotta be a chance to win out and finish 7-9, just for ol’ Jeff ... right?

They lost all three. But they only lost to the hapless 49ers by one point, 22-21, in Week 16, so ... yay.

Photos via Amazon, NFL Films.