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Tom Brady talked the refs out of an offensive pass interference call on a Patriots touchdown

He was right, though.

When Tom Brady hit Chris Hogan in the Saints end zone for a 13-yard touchdown, a flag on the turf seemed to suggest the play was coming back after offensive pass interference.

That’s when Brady went into litigation mode.

Brady argued his case as the officials huddled, and the flag was picked up. The veteran quarterback had a point, too. While a pick from tight end Dwayne Allen freed up Hogan on his way to the end zone, the block came close enough to the line of scrimmage to be legal.

What this means for the Patriots: New England is bouncing back hard after last week’s collapse in Foxborough. The Patriots lead the Saints 20-3 after one quarter of play.

What this means for Tom Brady: One week after failing to find the end zone against the Chiefs, Brady has three touchdown passes against the Saints — in one quarter. Concerns about his play may have been overstated. He set a personal best in Sunday’s first 15 minutes:

Brady is currently on pace for 12 touchdown passes in the game.