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Eagles fans turned Vikings’ ‘Skol’ chant into a ‘Foles’ chant during NFC Championship blowout

Philadelphia took Minnesota’s chant and twisted it on them.

The Vikings fired a shot across the Eagles’ bow by taking over a section of the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and firing up the “Skol” chant they appropriated from Iceland’s national soccer team. This did not go unnoticed.

On Sunday night, in the midst of an NFC Championship Game in which the Eagles led 38-7, Philly fans responded with an appropriated chant of their own. Their hands raised outstretched to the sky before delivering a thunder clap to the field below. But instead of screaming “Skol,” they called out the last name of the quarterback who brought them to the precipice of the Super Bowl.

It was a fitting response from a Philadelphia crowd that had shown Vikings fans no quarter on gameday. Eagles fans pelted Minnesota supporters with insults, garbage, and even glass bottles in an effort to reinforce the stereotypes that have accompanied Philly fandom for decades. As least with the chant, the only things getting hurt are the Vikings’ feelings.