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The 75 official Super Bowl records now owned by the Patriots after their loss to the Eagles

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New England owns a huge chunk of the NFL’s Super Bowl book, obviously.

Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Note that will be ignored by someone who emails me to ask why this post doesn’t recognize New England’s record for the most whatevers: These are only records included in the NFL’s official record book. Complaints about excluded information can be directed to Roger Goodell’s office, I guess.


  • Most games played: Tom Brady, eight
  • Most wins as a player: Brady, five (tied with Charles Haley, 49ers/Cowboys)
  • Most games coached: Bill Belichick, eight
  • Most wins as a coach: Belichick, five
  • Most points, game: James White, 20 vs. Falcons
  • Most touchdowns, game: James White, three vs. Falcons (tied with four players)
  • Most passes attempted, career: Brady, 357
  • Most passes attempted, game: Brady, 62 vs. Falcons
  • Most passes completed, career: Brady, 235
  • Most passes completed, game: Brady, 43 vs. Falcons
  • Most passing yards, career: Brady, 2,576
  • Most passing yards, game: Brady, 505 vs. Eagles 2018
  • Most passing touchdowns, career: Brady, 18
  • Most passing attempts without an interception, game: Brady, 48 (twice)
  • Most consecutive completions, game: Brady, 16 vs. Giants 2012
  • Most receptions, game: White, 14 vs. Falcons
  • Most field goals attempted, career: Adam Vinatieri’s six with the Patriots would tie for first place, but he’s outright No. 1 via his four with the Colts.
  • Most field goals made, career: Vinatieri again, four for the Patriots (which would only be second place) and three for the Colts.
  • Most PATs: Vinatieri’s 11 as a Patriot would be No. 1, though he also added two with the Colts. Current Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski has 11.
  • Most two-point conversions, game: Three Patriots with one each (tied with seven others)
  • Longest punt: Ryan Allen, 64 yards vs. Seahawks
  • Most punt returns, career: Troy Brown, 8


  • Most team appearances: 10
  • Most losses: Five (tied with Broncos)
  • Most points in a loss: 33 vs. Eagles 2018
  • Most yards: 613 vs. Eagles 2018
  • Most yards, both teams: 1,151 vs. Eagles 2018
  • Most passing yards: 442 vs. Falcons
  • Most passing yards by both teams: 682 vs. Falcons
  • Most passes attempted: 63 vs. Falcons
  • Most passes attempted, both teams: 93 vs. Eagles 2018
  • Most passes completed: 43 vs. Falcons
  • Most touchdown passes, both teams: 7 vs. Eagles 2018
  • Most times sacked: Seven vs. Bears (tied with two teams)
  • Fewest times sacked: Zero vs. Panthers (tied with 12 teams)
  • Fewest sacks: Zero vs. Eagles 2018 (tied with 12 teams)
  • Fewest sacks, both teams: One vs. Eagles 2018 (tied with four other games)
  • Most rushing touchdowns allowed: Four vs. Bears
  • Fewest rushing yards: Seven vs. Bears
  • Lowest yards per carry average, game: 0.64 vs. Bears
  • Most first downs: 37 vs. Falcons
  • Most first downs by both teams: 54 (twice)
  • Most passing first downs: 26 vs. Falcons
  • Most passing first downs by both teams: 42 vs. Eagles 2018
  • Fewest rushing first downs: One, by two Patriots teams (tied with two other teams)
  • Most first downs by penalty: Four vs. Falcons (tied with six teams)
  • Most two-point conversions: Two vs. Falcons
  • Fewest turnovers: Zero vs. Rams (tied with 19 teams)
  • Fewest takeaways: Zero by two Patriots teams (tied with 18 teams)
  • Fewest fumbles, game: Zero by four Patriots teams and one Patriots opponent (tied with 22 teams)
  • Fewest fumbles by both teams: Zero vs. Packers (tied with three others)
  • Most penalties: The Panthers committed 12 against the Patriots (tied with two teams)
  • Most penalties by both teams: 20 vs. Panthers (tied with one other)
  • Most field goals made, both teams: Five vs. Eagles 2018
  • Fewest field goal attempts in a game, both teams: One (three different Patriots Super Bowls)
  • Most missed PATs by opponent: Three vs. Eagles 2018
  • Most missed PATs, both teams: Four vs. Eagles 2018
  • Most punt returns allowed: Six vs. Packers (tied with one other)
  • Most punt returns by both teams: 10 vs. Packers
  • Most punt return yardage allowed: 90 vs. Packers
  • Most punt return yardage by both teams: 120 vs. Packers
  • Fewest punts forced: Zero vs. Eagles 2018
  • Fewest punts, both teams: One vs. Eagles 2018 (tied with three other games)
  • Fewest punt returns: Zero (twice, tied with nine other teams)
  • Fewest punt returns, both teams: Zero vs. Eagles 2018
  • Most kick return touchdowns allowed: One vs. Packers (tied with nine others)
  • Fewest kick returns allowed: Zero vs. Seahawks
  • Fewest kick return yards allowed: Zero vs. Seahawks
  • Fewest kick returns by both teams: Three vs. Seahawks
  • Fewest kick return yards by both teams: 49 vs. Seahawks
  • Most points scored in a first quarter: 14 vs. Packers
  • Most points in a first quarter, both teams: 24 vs. Packers
  • Most points in a fourth quarter, both teams: 37 vs. Panthers
  • Most points allowed in a third quarter: 21 vs. Bears
  • Most points scored in an overtime: 6 vs. Falcons

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