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Which NFL team is REALLY the worst in 2018? Let’s decide.

There’s a garden variety of teams competing for the title of the NFL’s worst.

Buffalo Bills v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

There’s usually a couple of teams that are easy to identify in the NFL: the best, and the worst.

This year, the best all around team right now is probably the Rams. They can score with the best of them, and play defense with the best of them as well. However, we don’t have a super clear cut answer as to who is the worst team. And that’s more fun to laugh about than one team being better than everybody else.

There’s a handful of candidates — the Bills, Raiders, Colts, Giants, 49ers, Cardinals, and Browns all have cases to be made. There’s been a whole lot of bad football this season. So let’s figure out whose shit stinks the worst.

Buffalo Bills

Where do you start? The Bills drafted the guy nobody thinks is going to be a franchise quarterback in Josh Allen, ditched Tyrod Taylor, and started the season with Nathan Peterman as their quarterback.

That obviously didn’t last long, because after all, he is The Peter Man, Interception-Throwing Extraordinaire. Allen hasn’t exactly been better, and the Bills have even gone back to The Peter Man after an Allen injury, where there was a pick-six and joy for our terrible quarterbacking son.

In other words, the offense is really bad! In fact, they’re the worst open play offense in the NFL. SB Nation’s Numbers Doctor Bill Connelly determines that with five different factors that you can read in-depth about here. But for now, he’s a chart showing the levels of bad they are on that side of the football.

Surprisingly enough, the Bills are actually OK on defense. They’re only giving up 321 yards per game, and are in the middle of the pack in terms of points allowed with 175.

The only good news for Bills fans: things probably can’t get much worse.

Their best moment: They somehow beat the Vikings, 27-6. There’s not going to be a result this season more shocking than that one. It’s just not supposed to happen.

Their worst moment: You might find it difficult to pick just one, between getting smoked by the Ravens, 47-3, or The Peter Man losing to the Texans on a pick-six, or their social media team creating a graphic that had the Vikings’ home state as Wisconsin instead of Minnesota.

But it’s, without question, Vontae Davis retiring at halftime.

Oakland Raiders

Whew, Raiders, OK.

The Raiders started off the season by trading Khalil Mack, and more recently, shipped off Amari Cooper to Dallas for a first-round pick. Oh, and there are reports around that the locker room is fractured because it sure seemed like Derek Carr cried in London against the Seahawks.

But let’s go back to Mack here for a second. In Connelly’s stats for the Raiders, they’re basically the worst team in the league on defense on blitzing downs, and explosiveness. You’d have to imagine Mack could have helped here:

They’re 1-5, and have pretty much mailed it in for the foreseeable future. We can’t be certain, but it sure seems like they’re now building for their Vegas move. What a terrible way to send off Oakland!

Their best moment: A 45-42 overtime win against the Browns, a game they probably should have lost, but the Browns still do Browns things.

Their worst moment: Any time Jon Gruden says their pass rush needs to be better, which seems to be after every game. It makes that big ol’ contract seem worse and worse every time.

Actually wait, no. It’s this. This is sad:

At least Oakland has the Warriors?

New York Giants

The Giants made sure Eli Manning had plenty of weapons around him this offseason. Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard are healthy, Evan Engram is back, and they drafted Saquon Barkley, one of the most impressive physical specimens ever to walk the planet.

Barkley’s had a solid start to his rookie year. He’s got 481 rushing yards, 424 receiving yards, and seven total touchdowns. But the Giants still have Eli Manning, who is older now, and not playing like Postseason Eli on a regular basis.

Defensively, the Giants are still a problem. Just this week, they’ve shipped off former No. 10 overall pick Eli Apple, and Snacks Harrison. There’s not too many bright spots on that side of the ball, and it won’t change anytime soon.

The Giants are bad, but have talent. It’s somewhat hard to say they’re absolutely the worst team in the NFL, because they’ll win some games based off of that talent alone. But they came into the season thinking they had a roster that could compete in the NFC East, and that’s far from the case.

Their best moment: Saquon Barkley’s first touchdown. There hasn’t been a lot to be happy about since then.

Their worst moment: The end of their Monday night game against the Falcons in Week 7. The Giants opted for two Eli Manning runs on the goal line, burned 40 seconds of clock, and lost a dud of a Monday night game.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have the NFL’s very worst offense. Through seven games, they are averaging just 220.7 yards per game. The next lowest is the Buffalo Bills, who average 234 yards per game.

When you’re offense is worse than the Bills’, you’ve got to be on another level of dumpster fire. But to go a little deeper and put into perspective just how bad they are on that side of the ball, here’s how bad they are on standard downs, inside the 10-yard line, when teams blitz, and efficiency:

They’re also giving up the ninth-most yards on defense at 382 yards per game, and surrendered 184 points on the season, seventh-most in the NFL. They don’t do anything even remotely well.

Their best moment: Beating a Jimmy G-less 49ers 28-18, I guess?

Their worst moment: Every single time they lose another game in Larry Fitzgerald’s final season. You can’t just pick one, it’s a tragedy.

San Francisco 49ers

Eight weeks ago I don’t think any of us thought that we’d be having this particular discussion, but the NFL is unpredictable. Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL in Week 3 against the Chiefs, and it’s been all downhill from there.

It’s put the 49ers stuck with C.J. Beathard, who actually didn’t have a terrible game against the Packers on Monday Night Football in Week 6, but they still managed to lose. It also doesn’t help that the team lost Jerick McKinnon before the season even started.

Because of their bad fortunes, I won’t say the 49ers are the worst team. But they’re hard to watch.

Their best moment: Jimmy G’s 18-for-26, 206 yards and two touchdowns against the Lions.

Their worst moment: When Jimmy G went down, of course.

Indianapolis Colts

They mushed the Bills this past weekend, so I’m going to eliminate them from this discussion. And yeah, I know the Bills beat the Vikings. Accidents happen.

Cleveland Browns

It’s not them, but they’re the Browns so they’ve gotta be on the list until further notice. Box checked.

In conclusion, the Cardinals are the worst team in the NFL. I think? There’s still plenty of time for teams to take the crown (looking at you, Bills).