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Fans threw dildos onto the field at the Bills game, and someone’s getting arrested for it

The Billdos are at it again.

The Buffalo Bills and dildos being thrown onto the field — a tradition like no other. This time, someone’s actually getting arrested for it.

During the first half of the Monday night game between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots, a raucous fan in the stands threw a dildo on to the field. It didn’t make its way onto the field of play, but landed close enough to other people to cause a tiny scene.

Another dildo was found in the end zone during the game.

Anddddddd another one! Three dildos!

With three dildos being thrown on the field, that matches the amount of passing touchdowns that the Bills have thrown this year. Josh Allen has two passing touchdowns, Nathan Peterman has one, and Derek Anderson has zero on the season.

A referee even had to kick the last dildo off of the field.

On Tuesday morning, WBEN radio reported that a man from Florida — yes, a FLORIDA MAN! — was being arrested for throwing one of those dildos onto the field.

This isn’t the first or even the second time that the Bills have had a dildo thrown onto the field during a game. In 2016, someone threw a dildo right where Chris Hogan was being tackled by a handful of Bills defenders.

Late last season, in another game between the Patriots and the Bills, a dildo was thrown on the field — again. Since the Bills struggle tremendously to beat the Patriots, it appears that Bills fans have resorted to throwing dildos at the game.

Or maybe they were just excited to be on Monday Night Football. The last time Buffalo hosted a MNF game was in November 2008.

Before the game, New Era Stadium tweeted that people who threw things onto to the field would be contacted by the authorities. Hopefully these vicious vandals see justice.