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Patrick Mahomes rocking up to Arrowhead Stadium in a Starter jacket is perfection

The nostalgia!

Just when you think Patrick Mahomes can do no wrong ... he continues to be absolutely perfect.

I’m not a Chiefs fan. I can honestly say that I have no particular affinity or hatred for the team — but something about this just feels right, and makes me all warm and happy. It’s awesome that the Chiefs are great again, Mahomes is a delight to watch on the field — and this jacket, man ... all the feels.

Mahomes has a 116.7 passer rating this season, and now a perfect 100 fashion rating. If there’s one thing I don’t like about all this (and trust me, I’m nitpicking) it’s that Mahomes was born in 1995, well after Starter Jackets were a thing. That makes me feel old.