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All 14 incredible touchdowns from the Chiefs vs. Rams, ranked

This was a game for the ages.

The Chiefs and Rams put on a dang show on Monday Night Football, combining for 105 points and 14 touchdowns in an instant classic. The game set records as being the highest-scoring game in Monday Night Football history, while football fans around the country got to see why these teams are being hyped as having Super Bowl potential.

There were so many amazing touchdowns it’s easy to get lost in everything that happened, but whether you missed the game, or just want to re-live the best moments, we’re here for you.

1. Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill, 73 yard TD

I’m a total sucker for any touchdown involving a cannon arm — and my goodness did Mahomes uncork this one. If you watch the video he throws from his own 16 yard line, and Hill catches it at the Rams’ 24. That’s 60 yards, through the air, across field. If this pass was straight on it easily would have gone 75+.

2. Patrick Mahomes to Chris Conley, 8 yard TD

It takes something special for an 8 yard TD to be this memorable, but when you have a scrambling QB, on third down, with 20 seconds left on the clock ... well, then it’s just magical.

3. Samson Ebukam, 25 yard interception

Big guy touchdown? Check.
Athletic big guy touchdown? Check.
Still wondering how he made it in when he passed the 10? Check.

4. Allen Bailey, 2 yd fumble return

Just grabs the ball like it’s nothing.

5. Jared Goff to Gerald Everett, 40 yard TD

This is a good touchdown.

6. Patrick Mahomes to Kareem Hunt, 21 yard TD

This is another good TD.

7. Samson Ebukam, 11 yard fumble recovery

This is a good defensive touchdown.

8. Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill, 25 yard TD

Have you noticed that I ran out of things to say about all these good touchdowns?

9. Jared Goff, 7 yard rushing TD

I wish my team was as fun as either of these teams.

10. Jared Goff to Josh Reynolds, 4 yard TD

Like, seriously. My Panthers lost to the Lions this week ... the Lions.

11. Patrick Mahomes to Chris Conley, 10 yard TD

Look how fun these teams are.

12. Jared Goff to Gerald Everett, 7 yard TD

They scored 14 touchdowns ... FOURTEEN.

13. Jared Goff to Robert Woods, 7 yard TD

To put 14 touchdowns in context ...

14. Patrick Mahomes to Travis Kelce, 4 yard pass

The Bills have 13 this season.