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The NFL’s most unstoppable offensive linemen at all 5 spots up front

If your team had this offensive line, they’d be UNSTOPPABLE, says retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, y’all! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and the time was spent with friends and family. And of course, the food was outstanding.

I once hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house in New York when I was playing with the Giants. I invited over the offensive line and their families so we could spend some quality time outside the facility. It was gluttony at its finest. Multiple turkeys, hams, sides, rolls, salad and more! It was outstanding.

So in the spirit of giving thanks and offensive lineman, let’s discuss my favorite offensive lineman to watch from left to right. Then after that, we have disrespectful blocks of the week!

LT — Trent Williams/Tyron Smith

Trent Williams is the best offensive tackle out in space. He’s physical and finishes of the edge with nastiness. He doesn’t take shit from anyone. I love his style of play.

If there was an offensive lineman factory, they’d produce Tyron Smith over and over again. He’s a physical specimen. He’s tall with long arms, thick legs, strong, agile, quick, and big hands to lock down defenders, and he plays with a mean streak. If only he can stay healthy.

LG — Andrus Peat

Peat is built like a lineman of my playing days. He’s 6’7, 335 pounds. I was 6’7, 340 pounds (I still am). Maybe that’s why I enjoy watching him. Lineman are lighter now as a product of the college offenses. Peat came from a lineman factory of Stanford, and he’s been crushing it the last two seasons. I enjoy watching Peat because he can make every block. Base block, reach, backside cutoff. Pull? No problem. Pass pro, he’s got that on lockdown also.

*Bonus LG pick … Quenton Nelson, for obvious reasons

C — Travis Kelce

Travis anchored the best offensive line in football last season. Because of his unique abilities in space, like being able to snap and pull, the Eagles can to use him differently than most centers. They are able to fold block on zone runs and run tosses with Kelce. He also does an outstanding job with resetting his hips and hands during a stalemate.

*Bonus C pick … Ryan Kalil. Not sure Ryan gets the love he deserves. He’s a five time Pro Bowl center for the Panthers. What I love best about Ryan is watching him on the move. He’s got a low center of gravity, and he’s like a bowling ball on the run. When he makes contact with defenders, they go flying. Also, I’ve never seen a center be able to get up to the second level as quick and cleanly as Ryan when he was in his prime. It was beautiful.

RG — Zack Martin/Marshall Yanda

Martin is a technician. He can make any block that is required of him, and you can always count on him. He’s been fun to watch since he was drafted by the Cowboys.

Yanda is strong, country strong. Like, freakishly strong. He’s also a nasty SOB. He’s got an amazing ability to always strike in the exact spot needed for maximum power and force. Good luck in pass protection. Yanda has been eating up pass rushers for a decade now. He punches by grabbing defenders and being strong. I love it.

RT — Mitch Schwartz

Duh … Mitch has faced Khalil Mack five times between 2015-2017. He allowed a single sack to him in 2015, off an inside move to an outside spin. Hat tip to Mack on that one. Mitch has faced Von Miller seven times. He’s allowed two sacks to Miller. In fact, Mitch went almost five games in a row without allowing a sack. In those 12 games against two of the top pass rushers in the NFL, Mitch allowed three sacks and a handful of pressures. He’s a stud.

And now for blocks of the week! You can also watch the video on my Facebook page.