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The Raiders and their fans had the perfect possible sendoff for Oakland

The Raiders brought out Marshawn Lynch and fans rushed the field — only to get tackled and arrested — in what was likely their final game in Oakland.

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

The Raiders’ Monday night game against the Denver Broncos was likely their final game in the city of Oakland as they get ready to relocate to Las Vegas in 2020.

While the team hasn’t officially announced that this will be the last game in Oakland, it sure does feel like it. Running back Marshawn Lynch, who is currently on injured reserve with a groin injury, came back to light the Al Davis Memorial Torch before the start of the game — which is lit before the start of every Raiders home game.

Oakland had extra security on standby in case anyone attempted to rush the field after the game was over, tacking some extra fun on a season with double digit losses. Oakland police officers joined the stadium security during the game as well.

Still, a few fans were able to sneak onto the field after the game — that didn’t seem to go well for them.

Here’s a picture of a lovely fan being escorted off the field by a police officer.

Getty Images

Some of the fans in the stands were spotted with signs saying goodbye to the team in their final home game of the season. There was even a couple guys spotted with a sign pleading for the team to stay in Oakland.

What could be the Raiders’ last season in Oakland didn’t go well — they’re just 4-11 and staring at their fifth season in the last seven years with at least 10 losses. But their last home game, maybe ever, was the perfect goodbye. They beat the Broncos 27-14 on Monday night, never trailing their AFC West rivals once.

Raiders running back and Oakland native Doug Martin ran for 107 yards and touchdown against Denver. He is having one of his best seasons in years. His 623 yards are the most he’s ran for since 2015 when he ran for 1,402 yards as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

After the win, he had a special message for Raiders fans:

A few fans stayed at the stadium well after the game was over to soak in what might be the last game at the Black Hole.

And while others left the stadium in the back seats of police vehicles, at least one fan was able to get away behind the steering wheel of a cop car.

Oakland quarterback Derek Carr took a victory lap with fans right after the game.

This is what Carr told ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt about Raiders fans after the game.

It’s been five years. It’s been a lot of hard times and a lot of fun times, and we’ve all gone through it together. And I think, whether you like us or not, Raiders Nation is the most loyal fans in the world ...

It’s where I started my career. We don’t know if we’ll be here next year and if not, I wanted to make sure I took the chance to say thank you to all of them

As the Raiders move on to Las Vegas, they’re hoping that their boatload of draft picks and infinite cap space can get this team moving in the right direction.