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This Eagles hype video is the best hype video I’ve ever seen, and it’s not close

The production value here is incredible.

The Eagles released a hype video on Saturday, a day before Super Bowl 52. It is good:

Every sports team at more or less every level has a Twitter account now. Many of these teams tweet videos, and many of those videos are hype videos explicitly designed to rile up their fans before important games. All of that is fine and good.

This Eagles video has me ready to run through 12 glass doors. It traces Philadelphia’s season in literal reverse, with a bunch of pivotal moments from their year rolled backward — a few touchdowns in the NFC Championship, a forced incompletion on fourth down against the Falcons to win the Divisional Round, MVP candidate quarterback Carson Wentz leaving the field with a torn ACL in December.

It overlays a lot of those clips with various talking-head types doubting whether the Eagles can do anything of note in 2017, casting doubt on Wentz’s ability to avoid a sophomore slump and the Eagles’ ability to win with Nick Foles once he got hurt. It ends with coach Doug Pederson, apparently in training camp, telling his team to get ready for a nice run and that being average wouldn’t cut it.

Look how much people doubted us is normally a boring, overused sports trope. But the Eagles went 7-9, and they were facing 40/1 odds to win the Super Bowl back in Week 1. Those were the 18th-best odds in a 32-team league.

Whoever produced this work should get a sizable raise.