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Super Bowl 2018 score by quarter: Eagles lead Patriots 29-26 after 3rd quarter

The third quarter is finally over, so take a moment to update your Super Bowl squares game.

The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles have battled relentlessly through three quarters. But before you and your friends prepare for this huge fourth quarter, check to see how you’re doing on the Super Bowl squares game.

Both offenses exploded out of the halftime break, and the Eagles lead the Patriots 29-26 after the third quarter. This means that the person who has the square corresponding to 9 for Philadelphia and 6 for New England wins your Super Bowl squares game for the third quarter. Once again, the people who drew the traditional scoring squares are very annoyed. Wave your winnings in their face and mock them relentlessly.

Super Bowl squares is a simple game to play. There aren't too many rules you have to follow, and everyone can play. If you're still new to the game and already forgot some of the rules, you're in luck. We listed all the rules for you right here.