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Protesters block Minneapolis light rail ahead of Super Bowl 52

The light rail is critical to Super Bowl transportation.

Protesters have blocked trains on the light rain system in Minneapolis, the site of Super Bowl 52, hours before game time on Sunday night. The protests appear to be centered around issues of racial inequality, with a Minneapolis-based group, Black Visions Collective, taking credit for the demonstration on the train tracks.

“Black lives, they matter here,” a group of protesters chanted. They wore shirts that said, “You can’t play with black lives” while they stood on the tracks.

The light rail is the primary mode of transportation for people coming into the city for the game, according to SB Nation reporters who have spent the week in the city. Many roads in the city are closed to automobile traffic, only making the railways more important. Any prolonged shutdown of the light rail could be a significant disruption.

It’s unlikely that protesting will be widespread inside U.S. Bank Stadium, the game venue. But the activism encouraged by quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been on display outside the Super Bowl all week.