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Bud Light gave a stadium full of Eagles fans batteries for the Super Bowl

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Uh oh.

Bud Light is going all out for Super Bowl 52. They’ve had the most polarizing and widely discussed ad during the season where people in an old-timey universe say “dilly dilly” in agreement over something.

At the Big Game, the official beer of the NFL will have glasses that light up:

That’s not all, though. The cups will also coordinate with their ads, according to Ben Goessling of the Star Tribune. Oh, and it might also be a not-so-great thing because of detachable batteries:

Eagles fans will throw batteries if given them. Not all — but some.

Either way, Bud Light is going to try to steal the show on Sunday as far as Super Bowl ads go. There’s no question that we’ll see some “dilly dilly” on Sunday, and there’s a great chance that the cups will be part of the show.

Dilly dilly.