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The Patriots just tied the record for most Super Bowl losses

New England’s been in 10 of these games now.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Patriots own a big chunk of the NFL’s Super Bowl records — 61 of them, even before Super Bowl 52’s kickoff, to be exact, including the record for most appearances. New England’s now been in 10.

And they were sure to own a piece of another big record after this game.

With a win against the Eagles, the Pats would’ve tied the Steelers for No. 1 with six wins.

But with a loss, the Pats would’ve tied the Broncos with five Super Bowl losses.

Well, they lost.

Run it back:

  • 1986 vs. Bears: 46-10 loss
  • 1997 vs. Packers: 35-21 loss
  • 2002 vs. Rams: 20-17 win
  • 2004 vs. Panthers: 32-29 win
  • 2005 vs. Eagles: 24-21 win
  • 2008 vs. Giants: 17-14 loss
  • 2012 vs. Giants: 21-17 loss
  • 2015 vs. Seahawks: 28-24 win
  • 2017 vs. Falcons: 34-28 win
  • 2018 vs. Eagles: 41-33 loss

All of New England’s first seven Super Bowls in the Brady/Belichick era were thrillers, and the Pats could’ve easily been anywhere between 7-0 and 0-7 in those games. The same goes for game No. 8.

Before Bill Parcells took over in the 1990s, New England was often a laughingstock, with a lopsided Super Bowl blowout to Chicago standing as the franchise’s crowning achievement. Back then, absolutely nobody thought we’d ever be talking about the Pats holding a record for most Super Bowl anythings. What a time!

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