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Eagles parade 2018 live updates: Highlights from Philadelphia's Super Bowl celebration

Philadelphia has been waiting almost 60 years for the parade, so you know it was lit. Here’s what happened.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The city of Philadelphia has been waiting since the birth of the Lombardi Trophy to celebrate a Super Bowl win. So let’s face it, Eagles fans haven’t STOPPED celebrating since Sunday. But Thursday’s parade was about as epic as we expected.

The only bad news for Eagles fans was that they didn’t get unlimited free beer. But that’s probably good news in the long run.

Here’s all the best/weirdest/dumbest/drunkest/most arrest-y highlights from the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade.

Sidney Jones lost his phone — and Eagles fans hijacked it

These fans found the rookie’s phone that he lost at the parade and decided to post a selfie on his Instagram.

Guess who dropped their phone at the parade!!!! We will return it

A post shared by Sidney Jones IV (@sidneyjonesiv) on


You’re going to wanna watch this whole speech, in which Kelce calls out alllll the Eagles’ doubters:

Among the gems in his rant: “Lane Johnson can’t lay off the juice” and “Brent Celek is too old.” lmao

We fixed the chyron too:

The Eagles coaches and players thank the fans

Doug Pederson: “This is a group that I’ll always remember for sticking together, for trusting in me as the head football coach, in trusting in Mr. Lurie, in trusting in each other. I love these guys. We brought you guys a world championship and just like Mr. Lurie said, we’re not done yet. We have more to go, more to prove. This is our new norm.”

“I’m so proud to represent this group, this city, and this organization.”

Nick Foles: “To be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles, to be a part of these guys, is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my life. It’s an honor for us to bring you all a Super Bowl.”

Jason Peters: “I want to thank each and every one of these guys for fighting for me.

“In the end, we all believed in each other. And that’s why we the world champs.”

Brent Celek: “To all the fans out there who have supported us, I love each and every one of you.”

Chris Long, after leading a loud E-A-G-L-E-S chant with Lane Johnson: “Today the bottom line is son, we are the center of the universe and they gotta live with the underdogs, baby.”

Brandon Graham: “We could’ve easily gave it away, gave up on each other. But we didn’t. We stayed together. That’s the brotherly love we talk about in Philadelphia.”

Carson Wentz: “I knew this was a special place, a special locker room, a special organization, special coaching, and some serious special fans. I knew it wouldn’t take long until we were standing up here.

“I hope you all can get used to this.”

Malcolm Jenkins, after apologizing for being a little “turnt up”: “This is for y’all Philly ... They doubted us as players, they doubted us as a team, and all we ever did was step up, love each other more, grind more, and have more fun than everyone in the league.”

The Eagles finally made it to the Rocky steps

More than three hours later, the parade is finally winding down as the Eagles reached the end of the parade route:



TO is there in spirit

One of the newest Hall of Famers is watching on TV — and is loving it:

Wouldn’t be a football parade without a game of catch

Or two:

Karl-Anthony Towns doesn’t have time for the Cavs taking over the NBA trade deadline

He’s trying to enjoy the parade!

OK, back to the parade

Let’s interrupt this parade for a minute for Jimmy Garoppolo news

Whoa, way to steal the spotlight 49ers:

They’ve only been waiting 57 years for this:

Now this is a story all about how ...

... the Eagles won a Super Bowl crown:

You can’t see it, you gotta feel it

It’s only appropriate that the best celebration of the season would make an appearance at the Super Bowl parade:

How many Eagles fans put this in their will?

A lot.


Please stop:

Now that we’re in the offseason, hopefully our long national Dilly Dilly nightmare will soon be over.

Watch out for that branch, Nick Foles

Bigger hit than the Patriots ever got on him:


Checking in with the Eagles on the BIG BUS

Chris Long’s outfit is even better when you see a WWE belt and American flag shirt behind him:

Doug Pederson doing his best STEVE HOLT:

Eagles DT Beau Allen has one simple request

Beer them:

No one’s having more fun than Jason Kelce

First, he leads this uncensored chant:

Then, omg please let there be video:

Update: yesssss

The only possible sponsor of this parade

Please no one say “Dilly Dilly,” please no one say “Dilly Dilly” ...

You KNOW fans showed up, but in case you wanted photographic evidence:

Doug Pederson is walking around with the Lombardi Trophy like he hasn’t put it down since Sunday

Then he joined Jeffrey Lurie, Nick Foles, and the team on a big bus fittingly called Big Bus.

Wine is always a classy drink

A lot of people are just going to pee in the street, aren’t they?

Chris Long and Jason Kelce are already battling for the Best Dressed crown

How do we even pick a winner:

Eagles fans are on the roof of a church

Sure, why not?

Philly train ran out of beer ... at 7 in the morning

Parade preview

Philadelphia Eagles fans have been waiting their entire lives to witness or be a part of a Super Bowl victory celebration. They’ve been celebrating for the past few days, in their homes and in the streets. Things will get a bit more official when their victory parade kicks off on Thursday, celebrating their victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

The parade is set to begin at 11 a.m. ET, and will be broadcast on the NFL Network nationally and NBC10 locally. Live streaming of the festivities can be found at, as well as the Eagles’ Twitter or Facebook pages, and their mobile app. There are plenty of ways to follow the action live other than actually making your way to the parade route.

And that includes sticking around right here. We’re going to have all the updates, gifs, commentary, and extremely important information about dumb things people do during parades. So follow along to celebrate the Eagles’ first-ever Super Bowl victory.

The parade route begins at Broad and Pattison, and will end at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s a mostly northbound route in a straight line, with a couple turns at the end before arriving at the destination. There, on the museum steps, a ceremony will be held. It’s expected to last from around 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET.

How to watch the Eagles’ victory parade

Time: 11 a.m. ET

TV: NFL Network, NBC10 (Local)

Online Streaming:, as well as the Eagles’ Twitter or Facebook pages, NBC10, NBC Sports Philadelphia

Route Map: PennLive

Road Closures: ABC6

Eagles fans celebrating after the Super Bowl