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Malcolm Jenkins slapped Tom Brady’s butt and yelled, ‘c’mon Tom!’ after his Super Bowl drop

Brady couldn’t make the play, and Jenkins let him know.

Tom Brady is a quarterback, not a wide receiver. Eagles cornerback Malcolm Jenkins made sure to remind him of that at Super Bowl 52.

Brady found himself wide open after handing the ball off to James White on third-and-5 and sneaking past a disinterested Philadelphia defense. He broke into the flat behind former teammate Chris Long while White pitched the ball to Danny Amendola, then stretched out to reel in a high pass that looked like a game-breaking gain for the Patriots.

Only he didn’t stretch far enough. Jenkins, the All-Pro cornerback who helped lead one of the league’s most complete defenses in 2017, let him know about it:

The drop was a pivotal moment early in the game. Rather than earn a fresh set of downs inside the red zone, New England was forced to stare down fourth-and-5 from the Philadelphia 35. Bill Belichick elected to go for it rather than kick a 53-yard field goal; kicker Stephen Gostkowski had already botched an extra point and a 26-yard kick at that point. When Brady’s fourth-down heave to Rob Gronkowski fell to the turf, it closed the book on a scoring opportunity — one the Patriots would need later.

The Eagles got to roast Brady on the other side of the ball 12 minutes later. Facing fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line, quarterback Nick Foles dialed up a play that pushed him to the line of scrimmage as a receiver. Much like Brady had before, he slipped past the Patriot defense unnoticed. Unlike Brady, he caught his on-target pass from Trey Burton — giving the Eagles a 22-12 lead at halftime and making the most of a 70-yard, clock-draining drive.