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Browns No. 1 pick Baker Mayfield is already a big Cavs fan, via his high school

Here’s a nice coincidence of team nicknames.

In a photo that recreated Brett Favre’s iconic 1991 draft day shot, new Browns No. 1 overall draft pick Baker Mayfield stretched out on his bed and pretended to take a call with a bunch of family and friends around him. Strewn across the top of a door frame in Mayfield’s background was a “LUV MY CAVS” sign with a red heart on it, mimicking a “LUV MY EAGLES” sign in Favre’s photo.

Here’s Mayfield’s:

The “Eagles” in Favre’s shot were probably the ones from Southern Miss, where he played his college football. Mayfield’s high school team was the Lake Travis Cavaliers in Texas, which almost certainly explains the Cavs sign in his photo.

It turns out that’s a cool little coincidence, because Mayfield is now on his way to Cleveland, which has a basketball team that is also, I have heard, called the Cavs.

There are no tweets on Mayfield’s account about the Cleveland Cavaliers or LeBron James. It’s not clear to what extent he likes or doesn’t like them. But as he touches down in Cleveland, he’ll have an easy adjustment to the hometown hoops team.