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Vita Vea, Tampa’s No. 12 overall pick, plans on buying his family a home after getting drafted

You gotta love this.

Former Washington defensive lineman Vita Vea is one of the most talented interior linemen in the 2018 NFL Draft class. He was selected at No. 12 overall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night in the first round in Arlingtonm and he’s got the talent to be a disruptive force on defense in Tampa at the next level.

Aside from proving his on-field skills can translate to the next level, Vea is looking to do something special for his family after he gets drafted — purchase them a home:

Vita’s parents worked for what they have. They don’t complain or ask for handouts.

“We survive,” Sione said.

Nonetheless, as the NFL and first-round contract approach, their youngest child still wants to give.

“The one thing I do know is I’m going to get my mom a house, make sure my parents are comfortable over there with their living situations,” Vea said. “That’s one guarantee.”

Nine years ago, Vea’s family home they owned was seized, forcing them to live in a motel for awhile, and then various rentals. With him going No. 12 overall, he can give his family back a house they haven’t owned since 2009.

We’ve seen NFL players buying their family gifts after they get drafted before, and it’s always pretty touching. Last year Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson’s first purchase after signing his contract was a car for his mom. Amari Cooper bought his mom a house and a car, and revealed while he was growing up, they lived without a house or car in the projects. After former Alabama linebacker Ryan Anderson was drafted by Washington, he bought his mom a home, too. Leonard Fournette bought his mom a car, too.

As far as his scouting report goes, Vea’s game film alone sets him apart. In fact, watching Vea’s tape caused former NFL defensive end Stephen White to begin cursing incessantly:

How do you not let out a loud ”What the fuck?!” when you see Vea push both guards and the center back into the quarterback’s lap on a passing play?

You and I are not the same if you can watch Vea almost single-handedly destroy a play by jacking up the left tackle and pushing him back into path of the pulling right guard and right tackle on a counter, forcing the running back to cut back right into his waiting arms without at least whispering “Hot damn!”

With Vea’s selection at No. 12 overall, his dream of being able to buy his family a home can become a reality.